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Last night I ate Cheetos. I didn't count, I didn't plan, I just ate them. They were good. No guilt today but a long walk for balance and because the sun is shining finally!

I love junk food. It tastes good. It feels good to eat it and I do get the "munchies" on occasion. I'm going to indulge in that sometimes. I think it's about balance. There is no bad, no good, just balance.

I have been sleeping so well lately. I'm drinking a "bedtime" tea and it's been fantastic. And the more sleep I get the better I deal with life and use other tools rather than food to cope.

Have I mentioned my in laws are here? Yes. And they brought blueberry pie into my home. So I ate some. With wine. So what? It was good. I'll live. Remember, I'm not on a diet!

I'm getting better at being less obsessive and angry about the temptations and the people who jeopardise what I try to do. I'm the one who chose to eat or not eat the blueberry pie. I keep the sweets to a minimum in the house for the simple reason that they are not super-healthy but they are super-delicious so I am not going to beat myself up over eating some of it.

Affirmation: First the balance, then the success. Maybe the balance is the success! Sorting this out is what will lead to a normal attitude about food and reprogram the thoughts I've taken as truths in the past.

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4 Responses
  1. kimmiekat Says:

    Cheetos huh. I love crunchy Cheetos and search out the cheesiest ones.
    The in-laws alone on my side could drive one to forget about anything and drown in food. Good luck.

  2. mmmm, I love cheetos. I always eat the baked ones so I don't feel as guilty. You are so right about moderation.

  3. Wow! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I just sent your hypnosis download. I hope you have wonderful and transforming experience.

  4. I have had an unhealthy relationship with food all my life. My weight watchers meeting has helped so much and these days, with fighting cancer, I no longer count the points, I try to make healthy choices but hey, tonight I ate pizza, I loved it, it was great, no regrets. However, its the only thing I have felt like eating all day since chemo yesterday :0)