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It's amazing. I can make a double batch of chocolate chip cookies and not eat any of the dough and only have 2 cookies with a cup of tea. Do you know there were cookies in my cookie jar for a week and I didn't eat them. I gave them to my daughters yesterday! I usually taste a little of the batter and get on with making them. I just can't be bothered.

Of course the above is an affirmation because today I am baking a double batch of chocolate chip cookies and I used to eat more cookie dough than cookies. I don't do that anymore. I decided not to identify that as part of my thought system anymore and so that's my affirmation. Although the part about the cookie jar is true. I just couldn't be bothered! I think it's important to add proof to the affirmations.

Willpower is a fascinating thing. Someone posted that they didn't have any with regards to food and I'm wondering do we have to have it? The diet industry has sold us, and we have bought into the idea that if we "fail" on a diet it's not the diet's fault or the industry's fault, it's ours because we don't have enough willpower thus deepening the message that there is something wrong with us. There isn't anything wrong with us, we are fine, we've just been programmed wrong.

And I don't buy it anymore. I just don't eat everything in sight anymore, it's not will power, it's the opposite, it's letting go, it's getting in the flow and not worrying about how it will end but just reprogramming my mind along the journey.

Today I walk. It's a sunny day and I'm getting outside and just walking and being alive in the sunshine. I will make the cookies first. I will post them in the recipes if they turn out, it's my sister's recipe and it's very yummy!

Meme: I have no will power.
Truth: I don't need will power, I no longer require will power because my thoughts are now in line with health and wellness and a positive attitude towards food.

Have a happy and satisfying day!

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2 Responses
  1. Jeninacide Says:

    That is a great affirmation! I constantly bake brownies and they sit in the pan until they mold. I can't PAY my family (or myself, for that matter) to eat them! You're right- it has nothing to do with willpower- it's that those brownies just aren't even on the radar! :)

  2. Good for you! I love baking and now rather than keep it in the house, I try to give it away. Had a minor slip up with some peanut butter balls this weekend, but not enough that I'm going to worry about it. No one can be good all the time right?