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Now that I seem to have cravings and compulsive eating coming under control it's time to start thinking about what I'm eating. I am not going to weigh, measure or limit myself however I do think I am doing myself a huge injustice if I don't take this opportunity to use some common knowledge to take advantage of this new information that seems to be coming to me.

First of all, I am drinking a lot of water. I am thirsty a lot and I'm going with that. I'm not sure if I'm thirstier than I ever was or if I used to mistake some of my thirst for hunger. Either way, it's water I want now and that's what I'm giving my body.

Diet is everything. What you put into your body is very important. I believe, personally, because it makes sense to me, that optimum nutrition comes from eating food as close to the source state as possible. Food at its source is raw. I think that most of our diet should consist of raw foods. Nuts, vegetables, fruit, anything that has not been processed in any way should make up the bulk of our diet. It is my goal to eat raw food with every meal and snack. Salad at lunch and dinner and fruit with snacks is an easy and culturally normal way to go. Alternatives include green smoothies and cold, uncooked soups. There are lots of raw foods that find its place in a diet that is mostly raw.

The most basic processed foods are those that are cooked. I will eat cooked foods. I have in the past tried to eat raw but the feelings of deprivation were too much and it's not natural to me. When I cook it will be local green vegetables, soups, casseroles and such.

Other processed foods, pasta, cereals, baked goods will drop to the bottom of the list, even those without added preservative to avoid excess refined flour and sugar. Occasional indulgences are fine but I don't need this every day. But occasionally I want some sweets and I'll have some. I will have ice cream on a hot day if I wish. I won't deprive myself again of things I love.

Junk food has to be very rare. I've never been a big junk food junky. I am very proud that the one junk food treat I over indulged in for years, diet pop, has been permanently removed from my diet for the past 6 months. That is proof right there you can do anything you want if you want it bad enough and then do it.

So it's time to clean it all up now. I think I have a good basic set of tools and with some expert shopping, some prioritizing, I will see great changes in the immediate future.

Affirmation: One day at a time, one moment at a time I am seeing success in my attitude towards food. I require, I deserve the best for my body and I am gaining the tools required to provide this to myself.


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2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    I do't have a food addiction, but I do eat more than I did a few years back & I exercise less. And a lovely pred med made my weight flux about 11 pounds up & down for a long time.Damn. All my fault though. I at least love water, that helps. You seem to be working very hard toward a more positive attitude. When I speak to people who feel like their body is a prison from the weight, I'm always tempted to tell them to do just one positive thing, just start, but I do realize it is very hard.
    Congrats to you & I hope you have much continued success. ~Mary

  2. I am trying to do all the same things. Fresh, home prepared meals, low sugar, lots of water. I need to start working on the affirmations, though. Thanks for the inspiration.