Carolyn Chaffey

Trust is vital to this process. When you have been doing things one way for a long time, the habits are so strongly ingrained into your subconscious it becomes difficult to believe that a new, different way will work although there is ample proof the old way didn't work.

I think this is where a lot of people give up. I think it is at this point, when we lose trust that we'll slim down naturally by being mindful and reprogramming the messages we've spent a lifetime being filled up with.

So today I've spent time thinking and giving myself over completely in trust to the process that I feel will likely lead to my ultimate success. I will lose weight, it will fall off of me at a natural and healthy rate and stop when I reach the weight that is optimal for my well being and happiness.

I don't know what that size is. I imagine it's a few months away yet. I no longer measure in pounds but in successful moments of irradicating old, useless information and filling up my mind with the new, valid information that will lead to my transformation.

Trust is the most important ingredient in this recipe for success. Cultivate it by assuring yourself that you have the ability within you to change your attitudes, your beliefs and your habits so that they are aligned with your future picture of yourself.


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3 Responses
  1. kimmiekat Says:

    Trust is a beautiful thing. To trust in yourself is most important. Good for you. Keep up the positive thinking.

  2. helgab1985 Says:

    Hi-ya, One thing everybody will do when they get sick is to try to eat healthy (orange juice etc) until they get better, then they stop and go back to the norm, why is this so, another thing is they put their lives in the hands of doctors, most who haven't got a clue, It's time to take your life in your own hands and look after no 1, look in the mirror and ask yourself who better than to look after yourself than you, fantastic blog by the way..

  3. Breeze Says:

    Yes, trust in your ability to heal and grow and be well is vital to good health.

    Thank you for visiting.